Stunning F1 show car

Formula One Simulator

The car initially has a stunning white body but is soon transformed into an eye-catching feature with the addition of your livery. The full size Formula One simulator uses recreation suspension components to provide the closest possible replication of a Formula One car. The simulator also uses genuine Formula One wheels and Pirelli tyres, further adding to the realism.

Finally, the added effects of the force feedback steering, paddle-shift gears, the inbuilt rumble pack and the stunning sound effects provided by the 5.1 speaker system, really provide the most realistic experience you will ever get to driving a Formula One car.

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  • Actual size fibreglass car Generic Formula One 2009/2010 actual size fibreglass car
  • Bridgestone tyres Slick Pirelli tyres on Ex Formula One Team rims
  • Steel suspension Steel Suspension
  • BSE steering box BSE steering box
  • Metal pedals Metal pedals on powered adjustable mounting
  • Force feedback Formula 1 steering wheel Force feedback Formula One steering wheel with paddle shift gears
  • Inbuilt 5.1 speaker sound system Inbuilt 5.1 speaker sound system
  • 32 inch HD screen 32 inch HD screen

Authentic Parts

Authentic steering wheel

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